Defense for Burglary Charges

Burglary laws in the U.S. are complex. The acts of burglary and any resulting theft or other offense are treated separately by the law; burglary, by definition, involves entering a building or taking a similar step that shows the intent to commit a theft or other offense. You can be accused of burglary whether you committed another crime because the state can claim that you intended to commit a crime even if you did not actually do so.

This definition provides for a powerful defense of burglary charges, which is important because sentencing of burglary charges can be arbitrary and severe. Burglary often results in one to 10 years in prison, as well as significant fines.

Burglary charges can results from alleged efforts to enter banks, houses and businesses with the intent of committing a crime, as well as charges related to shoplifting and the forging of checks. Many people pick up burglary charges without realizing it. A good attorney can defend both your burglary charges and other charges related to your burglary charge. They should work to prove lack of intent for burglary, and will fight the charges of theft, forgery and other accusations.